I have purchased an ID-12 RFID reader as well as a MAX-7456 breakout board from the Toronto sparkfun distributor (Creatron) and have finally gotten around to starting a project with them. This is a quick hack I threw together to test the RFID and OSD modules together. Here is a quick video demo:

I will be adding a client app on a PC that will check the RFID tags against a database as well as a website I’m creating using the ASP.NET MVC Framework that will allow users to log on and administer the tag database so they can add/remove/activate/deactivate tags remotely. I will not be releasing source for this part of the project since it is a quick hack, but I do plan on releasing the Arduino libraries that I’m writing for the MAX-7456 (nearly completed) as well as the ID-12. The MAX-7456 library currently supports an init() function that sets the parameters for NTSC video (I may release a PAL version if there is any demand) and a display function that displays a string on the screen. I plan to add a .clearscreen() function to make clearing the screen between displays easier and a .gotoxy(x, y) function so that the string does not need to be padded with spaces or CR/LFs in order to place it farther down the screen. I will post more videos when the project is completed and working, as well as the libraries once they are finished.