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I’m just posting this since the post about my Arduino + MAX-7456 board still seems to be getting a fair bit of attention. I gathered up the code linked to in my original blog post and have uploaded a .zip with the library files as well as a test sketch that uses it. I haven’t taken a close look at this code in a long time, and I never did get around to fixing it like I wanted to. Since I’ve abandoned the Arduino in favor of the Rabbit for my access system solution it became apparent that this wasn’t something I was going to pursue anymore, but I figured I’d release what I did mash together for what it’s worth. It’s a pretty sloppy implementation as I just wanted to test proof-of-concept code to get it working quickly. It works by passing a massive array to a function (1 element for each character location available w/ the MAX-7456, don’t recall what that is right now). I had originally intended to modify the code so that it could work with the string library, keep track of it’s current position and allow a “MoveToLocation(int x)” type procedure to clean stuff up, so feel free to go ahead and do that and share it with everybody 😀

NOTE: Those of you interested in PAL: Go to my original blog post (link above) and look at the code linked. You will see a crapload of DEFINE blocks that are enclosed in comments. One set of comments contains a set of variables used for PAL, the other for NTSC. IIRC you can simply swap the values for PAL to replace the NTSC values in the library and it should work just fine. I think a few little things change, like # of chars that will fit on the screen, so you might have to play with that a bit, but it should be pretty straightforward.



Lots of updates

Well, I’ve neglected this blog for far too long now, and I figure it’s time for an update. A lot has happened in recent months. I landed my dream job designing industrial control systems, moved back to Hamilton and have been back at the ThinkHaus hackerspace. I have been taking the Penetration Testing With Backtrack course from Offensive Security and am enjoying the hell out of it! I have learned so much from this course it’s unreal, and it inspired me to set up my own home pentest network with custom vulnerable web-apps, programs and operating systems running on VMs. The eventual plan is to transfer these boxes to ThinkHaus and have a pentest lab we can VPN into for CTF fun.

Some of the more major things that I’ve been involved in lately (which I will post about seperately) include:

  1. Delivering the first ThinkHaus intro to Arduino course
  2. Writing working code, and figuring out how to decode the data from a HID RFID reader model: ProxPoint Plus 6800 w/ clock & data output
  3. Started designing a door controller for RFID access to ThinkHaus. Design is being carried out using a Rabbit RCM5600W microcontroller with an onboard web-server. The plan is to have a web-based admin console to control stand-alone door controllers and, eventually, to create a Master application that can act as one central administration point for a network of nodes. I’m also going to be rigging up an SD Card for logging and modifying the Rabbit FAT/SD libraries to allow me to use them with the 5000Core.
  4. Tomorrow I’m heading to my buddy’s place to rig his coffee maker up to a rabbit controller so that he can start it from work, or set it to turn on before his alarm goes off. Will post pics/code of the build.
  5. I’m sure I’ll think of stuff I forgot later and just post as it comes to me.. 😀

That’s all the time I have for now. Stay tuned for updated detailed posts about each of the above. I plan to release the slides I used to teach my course, the source code for Arduino to interface w/ the HID RFID reader and the rabbit code/schematics for our door controller once it’s done.