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Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. A few hours after my last post I noticed that one of my guitars had cracked so I had to deal with that and take it in to a luthier (thanks Fred!) and I have had a relative in the hospital for the last week so things have been absolutely insane. Luckily things are starting to normalize and, as promised in my previous post here, I am including a quick video of my Nintendo DS Touchscreen prototype using an Arduino. Unfortunately the first few seconds of the video got wiped out, but all of the important bits are in there so I couldn’t be bothered to re-encode it :D.

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DS Touch Screen Project

So my SparkFun order came in today. I received some IR LEDs, some IR ICs w/ EEPROM that can record IR signals from any remote, store them and then perform an action when they are detected again (by controlling digital output pins). I also got some Nintendo DS touchscreens and breakout boards for them and a few other little toys.

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