I just received a shipping notice yesterday for my Chameleons. Ordered 4/16, shipped on 5/3… and they were in stock. Luckily, going by the description, they’re jam-packed with so much awesome that I’m not that bothered by the delay, I just can’t wait to get them 🙂 That being said my new Emotiv project should start to take shape shortly. I’ll probably post some general pics/videos of the chameleons and some of the default/test projects before I move on to my Emotiv game, so stay tuned for a quick review once I get it.

In other news, I got a quote back on those VGA displays from Kopin… and they’re pretty much out of their minds. I fully understand that companies charge more for a quantity of 1 than they do of 1000, but when I saw a fully finished product that made use of TWO Kopin VGA displays sell in its entirety for under $350, I figured 50% of that would be about what I’d pay for the display, possibly a bit less since I figured this other company would charge extra for all of the other parts/components as well as R&D. To my dismay, ordering 1 kopin display directly from them would cost me over $400 (400+taxes+duties to be exact), which is MORE than purchasing a finished product containing TWO of these things elsewhere. What was even more interesting was that the website clearly lists the driver IC in both a TQFP and BGA package and in the quote I was sent, I was informed that it was ONLY available in BGA. Long story short, I’ve decided to order the finished product and rip it apart. Not only will it save me TONS on the cost but it will also provide me with a PCB that I can work with since I’ve never hand-fabbed and soldered a board for a BGA chip before.

Sorry for so much “nothing” for so long, I hope to have some more “awesome” posted shortly 🙂