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Well, I’ve gotten my spectrophotometer working. In all honesty I took a couple of lazy days and hadn’t looked at it, but once I got it open it only took me a few mins to notice a broken wire. Soldered it, close it and bingo 😀 Sadly I didn’t have the forethought to ask for a cuvette or any spare standards when I got the unit, so I have no way to properly calibrate it, but I’m going to keep my eyes open for any that I can pick up on the cheap… not that I really have much use for a spectrophotometer anyway… 🙂

I have also been inspired by Ripspinner for my next project and have decided to revisit the Emotiv EPOC headset. FWIW Rip has also begun to create a TF2 mod for the EPOC headset. I haven’t had time to check it out yet, but I’m curious and plan to do so in the next little bit. Anyways, I have ordered some parts from Hong Kong, which will probably take a while to get here, but once they do the rest of it shouldn’t take me long to assemble. Stay tuned, I promise it’ll be shocking 😀



My Spectrophotometer

For my next project I have decided to take a look at a broken spectrophotometer to see if I can get it working properly. At this point I’m not even exactly sure what’s wrong with it, but I’m going to start taking it apart and will post on my progress. I would also like to take a moment to thank Dr. Rolfe and Fiona of Mohawk College and Dr. Singh of McMaster University for kindly letting me have a bunch of stuff they were going to throw in the trash, including this unit :D.